Spectrum Colorpicker Crazy Configurator

NOTE: this page is currently in development. Please refer to the Home Page for demos and documentation instead.

Spectrum can be customized to show and hide different portions of the colorpicker. Try clicking some of the buttons below to see how it can change.

Spectrum Colorpicker Localization

This page has loaded the German localization. Here is a list of all spectrum localizations. Please help expand our localizations if you know a language that isn't represented! You can copy and paste one of the files, and update the text for 'cancel' and 'choose', then submit a pull request at: https://github.com/bgrins/spectrum.

Spectrum Colorpicker Sample Palettes

NOTE: these palettes are also a work in progress. Ideally the site will eventually allow you to choose between a few options and download them.

The newGmail palette below is an example of customizing the palette size and layout with CSS.